Canvas Originals
Bach's Bend I, 42x60
Bach's Bend I  42x60
Bachs Bend III,42x60
 Bach's Bend III  42x60
Bamboo at Dusk ,42x70
Bamboo at Dusk  42x70
Champagne and Friends, 48x48
Champagne and Friends  48x48
Contemplation Window, 30x24
Contemplation Window  30x24
Contemplation, 48x48
Contemplation  48x48
Grapes and Flowers, 42 x72
Grapes and Flowers  42 x72
Green Leaf, 50x56
Green Leaf  50x56
Highlands   42x60
Japanese Garden, 24x24
Japanese Garden   24x24
Language of Time,48x36
Language of Time  48x36
Motion Study, 48X72
Motion Study  48X72
Ode to Karl Appel, 60x60
Ode to Karl Appel  60x60
Single Thought, 36x36
 Single Thought  36x36
Spring, 36x48
Spring  36x48
Sunrise Grapes, 30X24
Sunrise Grapes  30X24
Water Music, 40x72
Water Music  40x72